For brands: what are the next steps after a match?

This article is a walkthrough of the next steps to follow when you match a creator on Social Cat.

Note: when you accept a collaboration request in the "opportunities" tab, it's a match, and the creator will move to the "collaborations" tab. You'll also have a chat opened with the creator automatically in your "inbox," so you can easily communicate with them.

You can follow the next steps:

  1. Start communicating with the creator via Inbox; use our pre-made templates, create your own, or chat on the go. Now it's time to agree with the creator on the collaboration details. To finalize, you can access the creator's shipping address by clicking on "View full profile".Tip: don't wait for the creator to message you first; send them a friendly greeting to speed up the process. Want to learn more about the messaging system? Check out this article. If you're new to Influencer Marketing and need clarification on the collaboration details, read this article. Explore our resources on what to expect from a gifted collaboration here.
  2. As soon as you agree on the collaboration, mark the collaboration as "pending shipping." To do that, find the creator in the "collaborations" tab, and click the "actions" button on the right. Want to learn more about each collaboration status? Check out this article.
  3. Ship the product, and then mark it as "product shipped" in the "collaborations" tab (with the same "actions" button). The creator gets notified, and now you expect the content. Tip: add the shipping date, your tracking number, if you have one, and the cost of the collaboration to determine the CPM, the cost per campaign, and other metrics.
  4. The creator works on the collaboration as agreed, publishes it on social media, and uploads the digital assets in the "content library" so you can easily download it. When the content is uploaded, the collaboration is complete. 

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