What can you expect in return for a gifted collaboration?

This article focuses on what deliverables* you can ask for in return for a gifted collaboration. Please check this article if you need clarification on what a gifted (barter) collaboration is.

In return for a gifted collaboration, a brand can have one piece of content, either a story, a reel, or a feed post, on Instagram. If the brand works with a TikTok creator, in this case, it's a TikTok post. Depending on the product and the creators, brands might sometimes get a mix of the above in return for a gifted collaboration, but this must be discussed and agreed upon with the creators.

On Social Cat, brands and creators discuss together and agree upon the details of each gifted collaboration, but they start from the premise above. For example, these discussions might entail specific details of the collaboration: captions to be used, hashtags, how long a video should be if they collaborate via stories or reels, what USPS the creator should mention, etc.

It's important to set the right expectations for gifted collaborations to avoid misunderstandings and ensure smooth collaborations. If you're a brand and working on gifted collaborations, please keep in mind the following as well:

  • sometimes, creators might have paid collaborations that are a bigger priority for them; it's advised to be understanding of the posting timeline
  • there are no content revisions available for gifted collaborations; we strongly advise brands to be specific with the deliverables 
  • multiple deliverables can be expected only if the creator agrees with that

If you have any questions about gifted collaborations, please get in touch with our team at joe@thesocialcat.com

deliverables* = the asset to be delivered in exchange for the product (story, post, reel)

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