For brands: how each collaboration status works?

On Social Cat, we have different statuses for each collaboration with a creator, depending on its stage. Please see below:

Under the opportunities tab:

You'll see all the creators who are interested in working with your brand and await your decision. From the actions button, you can:

    • "ask again later," which will change the creator's status to "saved for later," and we will send you this collaboration opportunity again. Also, the opportunities with this status will disappear from this tab temporarily. When this opportunity is sent again, it depends on the algorithm, but it should be in the following weeks.
    • "not the right fit," which will change the status to "not the right fit," declining the collaboration request.
    • "accept collaboration," which will accept the collaboration request and move the creator to the "collaborations tab.

Under the collaborations tab:

  1. In progress - this status means you accepted a collaboration request from a creator, and you're ready for the next steps. 
  2. Product shipped - once all the collaboration details have been confirmed with the creator and marked as "pending shipping," you can update the product to this status as soon as you ship it and add the tracking number, cost, and shipping date.
  3. Completed - the content is published, and the collaboration is completed. Note: if a creator uploads content for your brand in the content library, the collaborations will be marked automatically as "completed."

Some of the statuses above change automatically, and the rest must be updated from the "actions" button available for each collaboration. Please email our team at if you have any questions or feedback!

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