For brands: how does the Inbox (message system) work?

As you log in to your brand account on Social Cat, one of the options on the top left panel is the Inbox.

The Inbox is part of the messaging system available on Social Cat for brands and creators, and it's the primary communication channel.

When you as a brand accept a collaboration request from a creator, an intro between you and the creator is made instantly via messages, and you can find it in the "Inbox" tab. The next step is to check your Inbox, and you'll see the last matched creator at the top of the conversation. In your Inbox, you can search conversations, and for each creator, you can see the collaboration status under the profile name.

The messaging system is instant, and creators are notified in their accounts when you message them! When you communicate with creators, please check the pre-made templates at the bottom of the chat system. They make it easy to follow up, check if creators received the product, and more!

Contact us at if you have any questions about the messaging system.

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