For creators: What happens after you get approved?

If you're a creator that just signed up for Social Cat and your account is pending approval, please read below.

Our team will check your account to see if you meet the requirements, which can be consulted here. This usually takes between 1 and 2 working days, and you receive an answer, no matter the decision. If you get accepted on the platform, you can expect the following:

  1. You will receive potential brands to work with daily, available in your account's "opportunities" tab. You can check each brand, including their products, social media, and website. Also, check what type of collaborations they are interested in to make sure that's something you can work on.Like the brand to express interest in working with them or mark them as not the right fit if you're not interested in working with them. Both options are available under the "Actions" button, alongside an option to work with the specific brand later. Ensure not to have too many pending opportunities, as you'll not receive any new opportunities to collaborate with brands. Click here to learn more!
  2. If a brand likes you back, it's a match, and you will receive an intro message in your Inbox on Social Cat. Check it out.
  3. Chat the collaboration details with the brand, agree, provide them with your address and receive the product!
  4. Create the content, share it across social media as agreed with the brand, and upload it to the content library so brands can easily access it!
  5. Remember to leave the brand a review after the collaboration! The more reviews you leave for the brands, the more you will receive in return, increasing your chances of landing new brand collaborations!
  6. You will also receive Proposals from brands in the 'Proposals' tab, where you can read the brand's offering, and their private message to you, and decide whether you want to work with them.

    Learn more about Proposals here.

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