How does the proposal feature work?

"Proposals" are part of the Prospecting feature on Social Cat.

Based on your niche, profile, and settings, your creator profile gets exposure in front of numerous brands on our platform, and if they're interested in working with you, they will send you a collaboration request, which we call a "proposal," available in the tab with the same name.

Brands can send you three types of proposals: paid, affiliate, or gifted.

Once a proposal is sent, you can check it out and decide whether to accept it or not. Once you accept a proposal, it's a match and will be listed under the "Collaborations" tab at the top of the "In Progress" column.

You can also head to the "Inbox" and communicate with them once it's a match.

How to get more proposals?

There are a few ways of getting more proposals:

  • Complete your creator profile: the more information about your creator profile, the more chances you'll have to grab the brands' attention. An incomplete profile will always lose in front of other creators with more information, so make sure to add as much as possible.
  • Being as active as possible: send collaboration requests, accept proposals, communicate fast, and upload content in time. These actions made regularly label your account as "active" automatically, and you'll get more and more proposals.

    This will also increase your chances of getting more paid collaborations.

  • Avoid reports: avoid getting reported by brands by uploading the content on time.

Which should I focus on more, opportunities or proposals?

We suggest working with both features to increase your chances of paid, affiliate, and gifted collaborations; there's no right or wrong here, and the best results are obtained when both features are used in parallel.

How many proposals can I accept monthly?

There's no limit here. You can accept as many as possible; however, please ensure not to get overwhelmed with collaborations and not have time to create the content. Please accept as many as you can handle in a specific timeframe.

Don't hesitate to contact our team at if you have any questions or concerns.

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