For creators: what do too many pending opportunities mean, and how do I get new ones?​​

Having too many pending opportunities means creators have too many brands waiting for a decision, and to ensure creators get new brand opportunities regularly, they must reply to the current pending opportunities.

When a creator is active on Social Cat, it constantly receives brand opportunities to collaborate with, which will be available under the "opportunities" tab, labeled as "pending."

When a creator has more than twenty brand opportunities labeled as "pending" and therefore waiting for a decision, our matchmaking algorithm will stop sending new brand opportunities until the creator clears the ones pending. Creators must either like or mark as not the right fit for the current pending opportunities to receive new ones.

Creators must like only the brands they are genuinely interested in working with and mark the rest as not a good fit; the matchmaking algorithm learns from the creators' decisions, and it will be able to provide more and more accurate opportunities. If creators like brands in bulk, the relevance of the opportunities they receive will be small.

We work with thousands of brands, and new ones are regularly coming! If you're a creator on Social Cat, please keep replying to opportunities and only express interest in the ones you're truly interested in!

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