For creators: what are the next steps after a match?

This article is a walkthrough of the next steps to follow when you match a brand on Social Cat.

Note: when a brand accepts your collaboration request, it's a match, and the brand will move to the "collaborations" tab. You'll also have a chat opened with the brand automatically in your "inbox," so you can easily communicate with them.

You can follow the next steps:

  1. Start communicating with the brand via messages; use our pre-made templates, create your own, or chat on the go. Now it's time to agree with the brand on the collaboration details, timeframes, and more. Tip: don't wait for the brand to message you first; send them your greetings to speed up the collaboration. Want to learn more about the messaging system? Check out this article.
  2. As soon as you agree on the collaboration details, you wait for the brand to send the product. When they do, they'll mark it as shipped, and you'll be able to see this collaboration moving to the "pending content" column in the "collaborations" tab. Want to learn more about each collaboration status? Check out this article.
  3. As soon as you receive the product, you can start creating content for the brand as agreed. The timeframe for a collaboration to be live is up to three weeks, but you can also work out a timeframe with the brand, depending on their needs.
  4. Publish the collaboration on social media, and upload the content in the "content library." To do that, find the collaboration under the "pending content" column from the "collaborations" tab, and click on the "actions" button. When you upload the content, the collaboration is automatically moved to the "content published" column, meaning it's completed. The brand also gets notified.
  5. Don't forget to review the brand after the collaboration has been completed. Learn how to leave a review here.

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