For brands: What happens after you get approved?

If you're a brand and have finished the onboarding process for a free trial, please read below:

Once our team approves your account, you immediately start getting exposure in front of creators. Our algorithm shows your brand in front of creators tailored to your requirements from the onboarding process. It's important to know that your brand does not get exposure in front of random creators on the platform but the ones tailored to your brand.

Creators will discover your brand's website, social media, product description, and other information to decide if they're interested in what you offer.

As soon as creators discover your brand, some of them will express interest in working with you, and you can find them under the "opportunities" tab in your account. You can check their Instagram or TikTok profiles, metrics, reviews, or previous campaigns from there. If you're also interested in collaborating with them, you'll accept their collaboration request and start communicating with them via "inbox."

We will send you a Daily Digest email daily, which can be considered a summary of the day. Here, you'll be able to see new influencer opportunities, current collaborations, or how many unread messages you have. It's a good reminder of what's happening on Social Cat so you can be on top of the process.

Note: Please be advised there is a limited amount of exposure and matches on the free trial, as this is designed to see if Social Cat is a good fit for your brand. Want to learn more about the trial period? Check out this article.

If you have questions, please email our team at, or book a trial onboarding call from your account.

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