How long is your free trial, and how does it work?

We offer a seven-day free trial, with full access to the product, no matter the subscription plan.

During the trial period, we will provide exposure for your brand in front of creators, some will express interest in working with you, and you can match, communicate, and even send products out to the ones you're interested in.

You get full access to our product during the free trial, but you get access to a limited amount of exposure and matches.

Brands can generate up to 20 prospects during the free trial by default. As you transition to a paid plan, you can generate even more prospects – 20, 100, or even 200, depending on your chosen plan. Feel free to learn more about our prospecting tool here.

Note: It's essential to understand that when you transition to a paid subscription, our algorithm will fully work towards the number of matches for your plan: 10, 25, or 50. The limited exposure & matches from the trial do not reflect the ones from the paid subscription.

If you think Social Cat is not a good fit for you during the trial, there is zero risk involved; please cancel before the trial transitions to a paid subscription.

Note: want to learn more about the trial & our product? Book a free demo.

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