Will I still have access to the product if I cancel my subscription?

If a brand cancels its subscription, you can still access the collaborations you did before canceling. They are available in your account under the "collaborations" tab, and you can still communicate with them via messages. The content obtained before canceling is available in the "content library."

When a brand cancels, our product doesn't give exposure to the brand anymore; therefore, no new opportunities or prospects will come in.

If you'd like to start again, pick a plan from the "opportunities" tab, and this will activate your account and subscription instantly, without any trial period.

When you re-activate your subscription, you will pick up where you left off; your current collaborations and conversations are stored under your brand account.

Not sure how to cancel your subscription? Check this article.

Please contact us at joe@thesocialcat.com if you have further questions.

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