For brands: what do too many pending opportunities mean, and how do I get new ones?​​

When a brand is active on Social Cat, it constantly receives exposure in front of creators and interest from the ones that would like to work with them! To keep the experience engaging, brands must reply to their current pending opportunities to receive new ones!

Having too many pending opportunities means brands have too many creators that expressed interest in working with their brand and now wait for their decision. A decision means accepting a collaboration, marking it as not the right fit, or asking about it later.

When a brand has many opportunities waiting to be actioned, our matchmaking algorithm will stop sending new creator opportunities until the brand clears the ones pending approval.

We advise keeping the opportunities under five to ensure a steady flow of new opportunities coming in and also helping the algorithm to learn more about what types of creators you'd like to work with! The more & accurate decisions brands make about the creators, the more the algorithm will learn about their creators' preferences!

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