I am unhappy, or I got "ghosted" by a creator I'm working with. What do I do now?

We have a flagging system to handle different situations between brands and creators, such as unresponsive creators after product shipment and more.

Note: you can only flag a creator after shipping a product and waiting for 10 days. This timeframe allows for product delivery and the creator's content production.

If a creator is unresponsive after a match, but you haven't sent the product yet, please refer to this article instead of using this tool.

  1. If a creator remains unresponsive after 10 days since shipping the product, follow these steps:
  • Log in to your account on Social Cat
  • Head to the "Collaborations" tab
  • Under the "Product shipped" column, find the creator by email or handle
  • Click the "Actions" button, and use the "Flag unresponsive" option to submit a case to our team

This type of case is usually used when a brand sends a product out to a creator and then it does not hear back from them. If you're not happy with the content received, or the content received was different than what was agreed upon initially, you must follow the process from no. 2 below.

What happens next?

Our team will contact the creator you flagged, working closely with them to have this collaboration up and running. Throughout the process, you'll be constantly kept in the loop to know what's happening with the collaboration.

In most cases, creators require additional time to create content and publish their collaborations. We work together to accommodate this.

Note: You can only flag a creator as unresponsive when the collaboration status is "Product Shipped." Use the "Actions" button to update the status of any collaboration, regardless of the stage.

Additionally, the in-app reporting feature has proven effective, with 84% of cases being resolved based on available data. However, certain situations, primarily due to a lack of communication from some creators, may remain unresolved. Refer to this article for further details.

  1. If a collaboration goes live, and you're unhappy with how it turned out, please follow the steps below:
  • Head to the "Collaborations" tab, the "Completed" column
  • Find the creator by email or handle
  • Click the "Actions" button, and use the "Flag Collaboration" option

There are two reasons why you can flag a creator after the collaboration is live:

  • Creator delivered low-quality content

To report low-quality content from a creator, use this option to flag it. Our team will review the agreement, posted content, and other details for assessment. You will receive updates throughout the process.

  • Creator did not deliver agreed content

In such cases, our team looks over the communication between you and the creator to make a decision. They consider the conversations with both parties involved. For instance, if you agreed with a creator to deliver reels but they provided stories instead, you can open a case for this issue.

Note: you can only flag a creator for the mentioned reasons if the collaboration status is "Content Published." Update the status of any collaboration from the "Actions" button, regardless of its stage.

Still have questions about the flagging system? Send us an email at joe@thesocialcat.com to learn more.

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