How can I replace a collaboration?

If you're a brand and one of your collaborations is not as aligned as you were hoping for, please follow the steps below to get it replaced:

  1. Log in to your Social Cat account.
  2. In the relevant campaign, click on your Matches tab and find the creator you want to replace.
  3. Click on the "Replace collab" button, select a reason, give the appropriate rating from 1 to 5 stars, and leave a review. You can also do this from your Inbox.
  4. Our system will automatically grant you an extra collaboration so you can match with another creator of your choice.

Currently, you can only replace a collaboration after 48 hours have passed. This is set to ensure fairness to the creators and to give them enough time to respond.

The deadline for replacing a collaboration is one month from the date of matching.

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