Do I get reimbursed if a report is not solved?

At Social Cat, we have implemented a robust protection system to address situations where a creator receives products from a brand and the agreed-upon collaboration never goes live.

Our system has proven to be highly effective, resolving approximately 84% of reported cases. We have dedicated team members manually monitoring each case to ensure its efficiency.

However, it’s important for brands to keep in mind that there might be certain cases in which Social Cat is unable to solve reports. 

These circumstances can occur due to various factors, with the most common being the lack of response from the creator, making it difficult for us to establish contact.

In such cases, and as a way to maintain the integrity of our community, we may temporarily or permanently suspend the creator's account for further investigation, preventing them from collaborating with other brands.

While we strive to hold creators accountable, it is important to note that Social Cat cannot be held responsible for instances in which creators fail to honor their agreements, and we cannot resolve the situation through the reporting system.

Therefore, please be aware that Social Cat does not offer reimbursement for the product itself, cash compensation, or discounts in cases of non-compliance.

We remain committed to fostering a reliable and trustworthy platform for creators and brands, and we appreciate your understanding and ongoing support as we stride forward together.

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