How do I upload content for a brand?

If you're a creator on Social Cat, and you completed a collaboration with a brand, you can upload the content in the library to mark the collaboration complete and get a review. To do so, follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your account on Social Cat.
  2. Under the "collaborations" tab, find the brand for which you'd like to upload content. This brand will be in the "pending content" column.
  3. Click the "actions" button to see the content upload feature available. Alternatively, you can open their profile and find the same "actions" button. You can use it to upload the content. 

Note: uploading the content for the brand will notify them via messages automatically, marking this collaboration as "complete." Although we send multiple emails to encourage brands to leave a review, we encourage you to send them a message to ask for a review!

Want to leave this brand a review? Check this article.

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